Gösta Petter-land

Short animated documentary, 14 min 59 s

A co-production between Intermundos, Film i Väst and SVT

With support from Svenska Filminstitutet and Göteborgs Stad

Christer Wahlberg

Sebastian Rudolph Jensen

22 February 2023

Release date


Nils Sterner-Müller

Fabian Andersson

Simon Andersson

Gabriel Johnsson

Valter Jarold Halldin

Animation and Music

Christer Wahlberg

Written and Directed by


Five kids founds the imaginary land George Peter-land. A dreamy forest world filled with cute chickens and free from adults, to which they can travel by just closing their eyes. When rules take over the imaginary world utopia turns to a nightmare.


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In competition Berlinale Generation, Germany

Winner Best Swedish Short, Tempo Documentary Festival, Sweden

Sheffield Documentary Festival, England

Vienna Shorts, Austria

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